Welcome to Organic Association of WA (OAWA)

OAWA – Organic Association of WA

The Organic Association Western Australia (OAWA) is a not for profit organisation which was founded in October 1975 (formerly known as the Organic Growers Association of Western Australia) .

The Assn started in an effort to connect with like-minded people, who are interested in organic gardening, farming and food.   New chemicals were coming out in the agricultural industry and people were passionate about gardening without the use of synthetic poisons.

Even though the movement started internationally, the WA Assn was founded due to interest in local conditions & local knowledge.   Local groups were frequented.  Currently Roleystone group is very active.   New groups will be encouraged and supported if members wish to revitalise in their area.  Seed exchange was a prominent feature of the groups.  Currently Roleystone group maintains an active seed sharing library.

Our objectives are:

  • To create opportunity for people interested in organic and biodynamic gardening, agriculture and the development of all levels within the Western Australian organic industry, to meet together and/or exchange knowledge and information;
  • To promote food free from harmful pesticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms.   “Live foods come from living soil”
  • To engage in educational & training programmes that increase public awareness of the importance of organic and biodynamic methods of gardening and agriculture in assisting with the ongoing support of the natural environment;
  • We frequently have garden visits, workshops and monthly network meetings around Perth, Western Australia.
  • To promote the value of Organic growing within the community.
  • To encourage co-operation and information transfer between like-minded organisations following sustainable practices.
  • To encourage members to lobby governments on Organic issues.
  • To raise consumer awareness of the issues facing the Organic farming community.

Our activities are run by volunteers and are funded by membership subscriptions. If you are interested in Organic Growing, whether as a consumer, a home gardener, or a commercial grower, producer, retailer or consultant, please join OAWA to support us in achieving these aims.

Annie & Rick Dunn:  we joined to connect with others who were trying to do organic growing commercially … and to learn and get access to information which helped our personal trialing on the poor sandy WA soil.

Theresa Riley:  I joined because I want to be a better gardener.

Norlene Lüring:  I joined the Association hoping to grow connections in the organic industry, to bring like-minded people together.

Marie Macdonald:  I joined in 1988, because I had been interested in organic gardening since visiting my family in the UK who were very involved in the organic movement.