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OAWA is Western Australia’s Organic industry networking hub, we are all about bringing together Organic producers, growers and consumers, to powerful united voice in the supporting and promoting organics.

Joining OAWA and sharing your passion, helps to promote the advantages of Organic and Biodynamic food production as sustainable.

In addition to not using synthetic chemicals, Organic farmers pride themselves as custodians of the land; caring for the environment; livestock; and the people who work for them or buy from them.

OAWA participates in events promoting the Organic message;

  • liaises with state government on important issues;
  • has close ties with the Organic Federation of Australia (national Organic peak body);
  • facilitates networking opportunities for growers and consumers;
  • and disseminates information about the industry to the wider community.

OAWA actively strives to encourage farmers to convert to Organic farming practices leading to a greater variety of affordable Organic produce that is good for you and good for the environment.

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