Closed Organic Farming Systems


Closed System:The aim through time is to limit external inputs into the farming system, most particularly fertilisers and manures, such that the farming system becomes a “closed” and self sustaining ecological system, whilst ensuring sustainability and nutrient maintenance of the overall farming system.

ACO Standard v1 2019

The Organic Association WA is planning an exciting event looking into a closed organic farming system.

There are many different views and concerns on a closed farming system and therefore we would like to create an opportunity to hear various sides of it bringing farmers together to discuss, learn and encourage each other in different approaches.

We will select a Keynote Speaker to present the outline of a closed organic farming system setting the stage for 6 to 8 other selected Topic Speakers to present on a closed organic farming system.

The Topic Speakers will be selected by an Independent Selection Body.
They will be required to submit an application which must include a synopsis of their theme based presentation and one to two photos.
A pre-selection committee will ensure that all contact details, the synopsis and photos are included in the application, as well as ensure their presentation is consistent with the theme before passing it on to the Independent Selection Body for final selection
The Topic Speakers will have 15 minutes each for their presentation relating to a closed organic farming system followed by 5 minutes for questions and answers.

The Independent Selection Body will consist of 3 people who have been active in the organic industry for many years and are known to the industry. They will have 7 days to select the 6 to 8 Topic Speakers based on the selection criteria.

The Selection Criteria for the Topic Speakers will be set by the pre-selection committee together with the Independent Selection Body.

To apply to be a Topic Speaker: Application Form COFS

Save the date: Friday 8th November 2019

Time: 9am to 3.30pm

Venue: to be determined*

Cost: $85 pp includes morning tea and lunch

*The venue will be in an easy accessible location in the Perth Metro.