The Department of Commerce, Consumer Protection, accepted the Notice of Special resolution on 25 March 2017 to adopt the Model Rules as laid down in section 7(4) or 29(5) of the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 which commenced 1 July 2016 with the following information:


  1. the name of the Association is the

Organic Association of Western Australia Inc. (short form OAWA)


  1. the objects or purposes of the association are as follows:
    • to promote and encourage organic and biodynamic agriculture and gardening in Western Australia;
    • to establish and support Branches of OAWA Inc. to meet the needs of members and sustainably achieve the objectives of the Association;
    • to liaise with other organisations, corporations or governmental bodies on matters concerning organic and biodynamic agriculture and gardening;
    • to promote research and the communication of research into organic and biodynamic methods of gardening and agriculture;
    • to encourage the development and promotion of organic and biodynamic products;
    • to engage in educational programs to increase awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the benefits of organic and biodynamic agriculture and gardening;
    • to carry on any activity that assists with the achieving of these objectives in an ethical and sustainable manner:


  1. the quorum for a general meeting of members of the Association is 9 members.


  1. the quorum for a meeting of the management committee of the Association is 3 committee members.


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