Local Organic Groups Update: Spring 2017

Living a healthy organic lifestyle is much easier when you have local friends a stroll away doing exactly the same thing.  Grow friendships, gardening tips, sustainable living skills and local knowledge by joining your local organic group!

Roleystone Organic Growers

Hi Everyone,

We had a very informative meeting last night on reticulation. Jason Rothery  from The Retic  and Landscape Shop located on Ranford Rd in Southern River discussed how to set up an efficient reticulation system. Not only how to set up one up, but the importance of getting good quality products, the correct product for each situation and good advice. This can be obtained from a proper reticulation shop, not big hardware stores. Like anything else, if you do the job correct the first time, it saves time and money and you get a good outcome. He also spoke about the future of reticulation, where people will have their own mini weather stations that will talk to your control boxes and when it is too windy or the ground is already wet there is no use watering.

Now is a great time to be in the garden weeding and planting summer veggies! If you want any seeds, you’re welcome to be in touch with Margita on 0428 986 834.

This Sunday is Sustainable house day and there are some open houses in our area. You have to register at https://sustainablehouseday.com/ and then you will have access to the addresses.

On Saturday October 7th is the Livelighter Perth Hills Festival otherwise known as the Karragullen Field day. If you’re on Facebook have a look at https://www.facebook.com/livelighterperthhillsfestival/   9-4:30. There is an entry fee.

 Here is the info from Chris Oliver on the products he recommended

Swiss sharpener and budding and pruning knives – Available through the special orders counter at Bunnings or direct [much cheaper] through the Swiss website  http://www.myswissarmyknife.com.au/shop-by-use/gardening or you may find on another website a bit cheaper.  Both are around the $50 mark if you want a good one Ozspray lanolin spray – Through Applied Industrial Technologies at 272 Welshpool Road Welshpool.  Ph 9470 7600. Not sure of the current price.

Northern Suburbs Organic Growers

The last few meetings of the Northern Suburbs Organic Group continued to be a wonderful source of information for the home gardener.  We have had a meeting on Beekeeping and told how these wonderful creatures not only provide us with beautiful honey they also lend a helping hand in pollinating our gardens.   Hayden Gunningham’s talk on hot composting and compost teas had many of us taking our morning cuppa to the garden to give our vegies and flowers their own cuppa.


Other meetings had Brian Booth explain to us the ins and outs of growing Dragon Fruit, Daphne Booth on Rhubarb and Jason Siew on Yacons.  We’ve also had meetings on Pests in the Garden, Sprouting and how to establish Frog friendly gardens. Our August meeting was a ‘seed saving’ workshop and we will now have seeds for sale at our future meetings.  The September meeting will be a presentation from Lyn Chambers from Boyup Brook’s ‘Tulips with a Difference’.  She we explain how to grow bulbs, tubers, and edibles such as Asparagus and a range of berries.

Our meetings are held between 10am and 12pm on the first Saturday of the month.  We meet at the Henderson Centre that is located in the beautiful Star Swamp in North Beach. Entry Fee is $5. Everyone is welcome and if you would like to go on our mailing list please email northernsuburbsorganic@gmail.com or phone me on 0408 477 582 –  Moira Mulligan


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