Q&A: Spring 2017

Here are some questions and answers Sarah Randell asked Annie Dunn about the community group she is involved in:

Transition Town Stirling

Q: What is Transition Town Stirling?

A: We are a group that formed 3 years ago.  Local, committed to reuse, recycle, re-purposing and sharing.  We believe that connecting regularly with each other through various activities helps to strengthen our community and create resilience.  We work on positives which includes laughing a lot.

Q: How did you get involved with the community group?

A: somehow got invited to an intro meeting.  Transition Towns is a world wide movement.

Q: What activities does Transition Town Stirling get up to?

A:  1st Sunday of the month we are at Stirling Farmers Market.  We play board games once a month at the Innaloo Sportsmen’s’ Club starting at 3PM.  We have an informal singing session once a month.  We have a Bee Group who meet regularly.  We get together and sew, paint, etc. usually for a specific purpose.  Right now we are getting ready for Groat Street Festival 2017 on October 28th in North Beach.

Q: What events is the group holding in the near future?

A: Groat Street Festival 2017.  Sustainability being the focus.

–  We swap and share excess produce 4 times a year.  Next one is the morning of 23 September.

You can also find Transition Town Stirling on Facebook.


Author: Annie Dunn


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